WLS production run finishes strong: Painted & Silk Screened Metal Tray

Painted & Silk Screened Metal Fabrication Tray

Our customer had a history of high rejections with this part. It’s not difficult to fabricate, but it was difficult to finish. Painting and decorating was a chronic problem.

Time was another problem. To be more competitive, our customer could not afford to bring in a contract decorator. They had to single-source the project. To meet the challenge, we put together a six sigma team to focus on the root causes of failure. The results of that process were significant. To accomplish our customer's objectives, WLS created an in-house decorating capability. Within two weeks the rejection rate dropped to zero. It’s fun to finish what you start.

Material: Aluminum Sheet .125 inches
Lead Time: Two weeks
Quantity: 20,000 units annually - 400 per release
Finishing: Paint, silk screen, assemble

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