WLS heats things up for safety, performance and quality: Metal Wear Plate

Metal Stamped Wear Plate

This metal pad is used in an aerospace application where safety is the critical factor. Tolerances are tight —a slight convex distortion would result in rejection. Initial production was a disaster. Our QC department rejected a substantial percentage of the run. Delivery time soon became critical.

We quickly determined the root cause of the problem was uneven heat treating. It was warping the part. Working closely with our supplier, a special fixture was designed to hold the part differently. Within days the rejection rate had dropped to zero.

Material: 4130-Annealed Alloy Steel .100 inches
Tooling: WLS Smartooling (produced within 10 days)
Quantity: 12,000 units annually - 3000 per release
 Finishing: Heat treated and oil coated

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