"You cannot inspect quality into a product. You must build it into a product."
- Jim Taylor, Mfg. Engineer

Working with a manufacturer that has decades of experience coupled with state-of-the-art technology will ensure that you get the most from your investment. Laser cutting can reduce both the costs and lead times of your fabricated and stamped metal parts. Our latest machine, the 4,000-watt Mazak Optiplex Fiber laser has the capability to cut aluminum, steel, stainless steel and even copper and brass.

When you team up with WLS Stamping to create laser-cut parts, you get several benefits:

  • Short turnaround time-usually less than three weeks
  • The ability to laser-cut different materials
  • Clean cutting without oxidation marks
  • Integrated capabilities for critical projects and services-not just our excellent laser-cutting capability, but extensive design, engineering and machining
  • Competitive prices
Metal Laser Cutting Capabilities
7/8” thick steel10 Ga Galvanized Steel
3/4” Stainless Steel1/4" Brass
5/8” Aluminum1/4” Copper


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