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"You not only have skilled fabricators but true craftsman working there, with properly maintained machinery and a great engineering team." - Jim Taylor, Mfg. Engineer

Some customers hand us a blueprint with exact specifications, or have an existing metal part they need reverse-engineered for precise replication. Other customers come to us with a rough draft and we help them turn it into a final design. We can collaborate on prototype development to finalize the design and create an efficient manufacturing process. At all times our focus is on customer satisfaction and product quality for your metal fabrication needs.

Regardless of the nature of your product or industry, we offer innovative fabricatingsolutions and lean processes that result in the best possible price and the highest quality. We always strive to achieve a complete understanding of the function and requirements of each fabrication project so that we can optimize any recommendations.

State-of-the-Art Fabrication Technology

Our Highland Heights facility, located just outside of Cleveland, OH, is where most of our metal fabricating and assembly projects are handled. It's outfitted with top-of-the-line equipment that includes CNC punch press machines, a 4,000-watt Mazak CO2 laser, brake presses and other metal fabrication tools necessary for an optimized full-service operation. Machines and labor can be reorganized for a specific project to maximize efficiency and minimize wasted time and materials.

Flexible Stocking and Delivery Options

We don't just customize metal parts. We also work hard to customize our relationships with our customers, offering them the stocking and delivery options that work best for their unique needs. We have monthly stock arrangements with customers where we deliver parts to meet established minimum and maximum order quantities. And we also offer consignment inventory and Kanban stocking programs. We're committed to working with you on the stocking and delivery options that best suit your needs.

Fabrication Manufacturing Capabilities:

Operations CapabilitiesAuxiliary Operations
Laser CuttingRebuilding Heavy MachineryPlating 
CNC Punch Presses Mig & Tig WeldingPainting
CNC Brake Presses Resistance WeldingPowder Coating
CNC Machining Structural WeldingHeat Treating
CNC Wire EDM Finishing & Graphics ServicesAnodizing
 Heavy Fabricating Packaging & WarehousingMachining
 Mechanical Fastening Assembly & InspectionSilk Screening









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