PrecisWLS Stamping ISO Certifiedion metal stamping is a simple process, in theory. But there are an infinite number of variations of how a product can be built-and how a shop can be configured. That's why it's important to work with a metal stamping company that has the equipment, the experience and the expertise to customize the process to your exact metal stamping needs.

Low Volumes, Quick Turnaround

WLS Stamping ITAR CompliantOur metal stamping services are ideal for customers who need low volumes of stamped parts quickly-typically under 5,000 pieces in just a few weeks. Our ability to efficiently produce complex products that often require more than one operation gives you shorter lead times, more flexibility in the design phase and lower overall costs. We're efficient and can customize nearly any part-even those that come to us with no blueprint or that need to be reverse-engineered. At WLS, we never shy away from a challenge and every order is an opportunity to build a relationship.

Simplifying Complexity

We specialize in complex custom metal projects that competitors cannot replicate at attractive price points or simply don't have the technology to manufacture. In our short-run stamping facilities in Ohio and North Carolina, we have hundreds of pieces of equipment, including two state-of-the-art lasers. With the right combination of tools and a dedication to lean processes, we're often able to reduce the number of steps necessary to make a part, rendering the manufacture more efficient and ultimately less expensive for you.

"When you go from three parts to one, there's usually a pretty significant cost savings."
- Craig Kotnik, Vice President Engineering & Operations, WLS Stamping

The Highest Quality

Quality starts with the sourcing of materials, which is why we've worked hard to curate a large and diverse vendor base for our raw materials. We also team up with talented subcontractors to perform any required finishing operations. We know that quality can't be worked into a product during the quality assurance (QA) process. Instead, it must be built into a product using a combination of smart sourcing, the right choice of tools, and talented people - that is the WLS Stamping way.

Manufacturing Capabilities:

Aluminum Cold-rolled Steel
Nickel Alloy  Stainless Steel
Brass  Copper
Hot-rolled Pickled and Oiled Steel
Galvanized and Annealed Steel
Max Blank Size: 20" x 26"
Max Drawing Depth: 1"
Max Stock Thickness: 1/2"
Max Blanking Pressure: 200 Tons
Tolerances: +/- .002"
Die Life: Unlimited WLS Lifetime Warranty


Operations Auxiliary Operations
Laser Cutting Tapping Plating
Blanking Countersinking Painting
Piercing Stenciling Anodizing
Forming Tumbling Heat Treating
Drawing Extruding Silkscreening
Wire EDM Spot Welding

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